the early rise

SO it is well past my bedtime at 2am, especially for a girl who didn’t take her siesta this arvo! Really if I am up at this hour I should be studying for the ‘surprise’ test coming up tomorrow (or possibly with some luck on Wednesday… this is the surprise part!) but I must confess there comes an hour in everyday, normally around 8 when the spanish begins to hurt my eyes… especially when it’s chemistry. AND I’m a little bit excited to share some more with you all!!

There is a few lovely places I have found here in Madrid, and one of them is my School: Escuela de Arte Francisco Alcántara. Who knew I would end up in such a beautiful place! My dad, having previously imagined me on the fringes of an institution that had seen better days rejoiced when he saw the following photos. Boy was he wrong!

This my friends, is why I get up at 7:30 each morning.

This is why I get up at 7:30 each morning!

SophiePARKER_cdc2_flagsSophiePARKER_cdc2_archesSophiePARKER_cdc2_redcarpetSophiePARKER_cdc2_thewinningtreeSophiePARKER_cdc2_thewinningturnoan early cylinder


4 thoughts on “the early rise

      1. Mac

        Yeah, it’s going pretty well. More salary, more responsability… hehe.

        Merry christmas dear Koala.

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