throwing small

Hello chaps!

Along with drizzle, the weekend chill in Madrid brought calmer streets and not bad study weather. Slowly, with the (questionably) trustworthy google translate at my side I’m getting through the chemistry themes. Christmas-market tea from Nuremberg is definitely helping as well — thanks to my lovely sister Janie P.

SO I have my first two fired pots here in my room! They are still ‘pinging’ ever now and then as the glaze shrinks with the cold. I have taken photos in a makeshift studio on my desk…. but as I am taking them to show my dear ones in Melbourne next week I decided to wait, so as to not spoil the surprise. Let’s hope they make it though the journey undamaged.

I am very happy to say that my 23rd birthday coming up next week, will be spent, not only in the Melbourne summer, with my dear family and friends (which is perfect enough!) but I will also have the chance to throw some goodies with clay. I will be attending an open studio access day at the Slow Clay Centre in Collingwood! Joy!! They are currently enrolling for 2013, so take a look if you are keen. (Simon Parker!! This is your chance! Click the link, you won’t look back!)

Anyway, in preparation for this I have started to practice trowing ‘off the hump.’ That is to say,  take a large chunk of clay to the wheel and center it — but instead of working with the whole chunk, throw a small piece on top of the hump, then chop it off and start again. In this way you can make multiple small pieces from the same large piece of prepared clay, saving time and energy. It just takes a little bit of getting used to, I am only just getting used to making clean cuts, that hopefully dont cut though the pot! (unlike that in the first pic)

I have been checking my bulbous pot with the 3 handles daily, it is drying well, without cracks. Now I will leave it in hibernation for 3 weeks and work on it when I return.

Okie 😀 See some of you very soon!!

(You may notice my sturdy Gen 1 iPhone has got a speck of dust — or as I suspect clay on it’s sensor! Poor dear! You can spot it in most of the recent pics)

First time throwing of the hump. I encountered some troubles measuring the base so as not to cut straight though the inside of the bowl.

First time throwing of the hump. I encountered some troubles measuring the base and ended up cutting through the piece on multiple occasions!

Throwing small. Practice for studio access day in Melbourne.

Throwing small. Practice for studio access day in Melbourne.

Little vessels' cross sections.

Little vessels’ cross sections. A little chunky in the lower half perhaps…

Things dont always go to plan, but we roll with it.

Things dont always go to plan, buttttt we roll with it.


Study. Chemistry fun times!


2 thoughts on “throwing small

    1. Sophie Parker Post author

      😀 Me too! Just starting to pack my bag. Not so keen for the plane hours…but I do have 2 window seats lined up — arial views here we come! They are forecasting snow here in Madrid tomorrow!!! … hmm maybe not so many views then.


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