From fifty grams of clay…

Hello there.

Please allow me to present to you — my first cups.

(…and a mystery mandarine/orange, hand selected from a palace in San Sebastián.)

Off to Milan this Thursday for the furniture fair/design week — can not wait to feast my eyes, and fuel my imagination!

May you have a lovely day, wherever you may be.


SophiePARKER_cdc12_feedingtimeSophiePARKER_cdc12_naranja SophiePARKER_cdc12_pair SophiePARKER_cdc12_eleeast SophiePARKER_cdc12_elewest SophiePARKER_cdc12_sunshinecup SophiePARKER_cdc12_50gms SophiePARKER_cdc12_process2 SophiePARKER_cdc12_processSophiePARKER_cdc12_fruit


2 thoughts on “From fifty grams of clay…

  1. Claire

    They are so beautiful Soph! I love the one with dot decorations and cool handle. Do you get to use them yet? Have a great time n Milan. Wh are you going with?

    1. Sophie Parker Post author

      We certainly have tested them and they taste just great 😉 Good for coffee or hot choc I reckon. Off to Milan with the Spaniard, should be wonderful — I’m just creating a loose itinerary — pretty busy! x


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