“The pot that is trying too hard”

Today I luged home 3 new pieces.

On announcing that I didn’t like one of them it was suggested that perhaps I was a little too quick to judge! And true this suggestion was… feedback from a wise one has slowed me down a little to reconsider my initialy harsh opinion. 

After this I saw things in a whole new light…holding the piece and considering it in different locations and situations I have decided that I am in fact just still getting to know this particular pot.

This early on in my career as I develop my own ceramic character and niche I am trying to remain open to different styles, opinions, methodologies… as difficult as that may be when something comes out of the kiln not looking nearly as lovely as when you put it in! (Still many lessons to be learnt in this way I imagine.)

Well, so much has happened since I last checked in here. Let alone a bunch of new pots, I have passed all my subjects (I believe, time will tell, but should be alright I hope). I had a VERY special visitor all the way from OZ — we went north for a weekend and enjoyed tapas in Madrid for the rest of the week! How lovely to have some company from home, it is now official that spanish wine tastes even better with a friend.  Hmmm what more…I made the choice to continue as a poor pottery adventurer in place or a relatively well off english teacher… I have two rather wonderful summer events coming up — actually make that three! (Walking across the north of Spain with dear school friend should  definitely make that list!) Well I think that is the bulk of it, and now I am here having my first tangy berry tea in a while, I sip it hot and bright pink by the terrace. Cool evening air in and the murmurs of lively spaniards five levels below waft their way in.

SophiePARKER_cdc16_morningraindetail SophiePARKER_cdc16_morningrain

I am working on a design for my own potters mark — but for the moment I simply use my initials.

I am working on a design for my own potters mark — but for the moment I simply use my initials. (In this image you can see that my backdrop for these photographs is a large Lavaza coffee calendar found on the street, it is doing the job for now but I think I might find myself a replacement.)

Here I am uploading this post 2 days late, and I must admit I would still be quite happy to hide this pot away forever. (Along with a few others I brought home yesterday!!) However, I once heard a potter say that it can take years until you create a piece with which you are satisfied — and with that comment I have great hope in the future! For now I continue to learn and explore the possibilities.


One thought on ““The pot that is trying too hard”

  1. Claire

    Sounds like a wonderful journey Soph! You are doing an awesome job! I love this pot. A few of my kinder kids made some clay chickens a couple of weeks ago and painted then-they were pretty awesome.


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