A piece inspired by the kylix, an ancient greek drinking cup.

For me this piece was a challenge. I worked for many hours on failed attempts. Only some of which are shown below. I found it a struggle to pull enough clay to the top of the piece in order to form a decent ‘bowl’ on top to the hight at which I desired. “Hmmm que pena, falta barro, falta barro” I heard many days over — “hmmm what a shame, it is lacking clay…”

I still have some way to go until I reach my goal of throwing this piece with complete ease, but for now I am happy with the progress I made. And when we return to class in some months again we will be working on larger forms so perhaps I can continue my practice then.

The Kyco with the cobalt splashes was in fact meant to be white with cobalt ‘manchas’ (stains)! The glaze was incorrectly labelled — or more likely the wrong glaze was put into this otherwise correctly labelled container. So it was quite a surprise to find it transparent after the firing. I also have a small cup using the same glaze. On the Kyco, it formed an orange peel texture. This could be due to a slightly thin layer of glaze — the glaze was applied using the spray gun. My teacher suggested another millimetre or two and it would have been perfectly smooth.

Do enjoy, more pots to come.













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