Hello Again!

To all the dear ones out there, 

What a long time since I have payed any love to this blog!! (sorry!) You see things got busy out here in the land of living! Since my last post about a potential workspace we have pulled together some sort of small studio in the centre of Madrid!! yoo-hoo! We are yet to plug in the kiln due to some technical/electrical issues. But fingers crossed to a firing soon! And I am keen to share some pics when I can! 😀

What else…In December/Jan I went home to Melbourne for one month of sunshine, friendshine and familyshine! So so so lovely! 

Hmmm… ahh yes! We had a month long exhibition of our works completed in England with Nic Collins and Sabine Nemet! In conjunction with that we did a presentation for the 2 ceramic schools here in Madrid. I of course ever so classily forgot half of my very small Spanish speech.. I swear I did far better in the practice round! haha ohh well I did my best in the moment, and had plenty of friendly folk helping me finish off a few tricky conjugations. A very kind crowd of course. 

And, well more than half the school year has passed! If feels so strange — we are yet to hold any finished pieces on our hands but glazing and firings are starting soon! I spent a good portion of time working on a large planter. It later suffered an accidental hit to the head! A throwing teacher quickly made me a new one so I could finish the assignment, I helped a little, but the truth is she kindly made the replacement one. 

I made a short video to document and help share the wonderful month we spent with Nic Collins and Sabine Nement in Moretonhampstead, England. At the Barn Pottery we worked hard long hours, learnt a huge amount and would do it all over again in an instant! Check out the video below or following this link: https://cuentosdecuencos.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/the-barn-pottery-a-month-with-nic-collins-and-sabine-nemet/

(Hello again… adding to this post a good month or so after writing the above section! :/ haha What a disaster! Well this evening is the first time in a long time I have been able to sit on the couch with all my pottery books and flick though them at ease! So glad. Tomorrow I will hand in the proposal for my final project… let’s see if it is accepted by the panel!) 

My first finished pieces from the entire school year! These bottles were from the very first exercise! At last! We have been a little behind schedule all year. 😛 




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